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SafeRadar Research is the official reseller of the Qamcom radar data acqusition product (77/79GHz, FCM waveform)

High speed baseband sampling of 8 channels (simultaneously) and SPI control tool. Interfaces USB 3.0 and 2.0

Qamcom Product


High Speed radar data acquisition tool and SPI control (Backend)


  • Baseband receiver used to evaluate future

automotive 77/79 GHz radar demands


  • Supports SPI control of both Freescale (NXP) and Infineon communication protocol


  • Flexible radar waveform selection
    • The user can select different chirp rates,number of chirps, chirp duration,carrier frequency, and so on.


  • Provides at each measurement (CPI) target estimates in range, Doppler, azimuth and elevation
    • High baseband sampling rate


  • Up to ≈45 MHz to support very high range resolution <0.1m
    • Simple interface based on USB 3.


  • This solution provides real time (raw data) monitoring at highest sampling rate


2018 International Conference on Information Fusion (FUSION)

10 Jul - 13 Jul 2018

Cambridge, United Kingdom





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