76-81 GHz Medium Radar


 Employ AD/ADAS Adapted Radar Hardware

77/79 GHz  Medium Range Radar System  

Lannik One

SafeRadar Research offers a novel 3D scanning short/medium range radar called Lannik one.

This 77/79 GHz radar is unique since it offers wide field of view (FOV) in both azimuth and elevation where the DOA estimates are unambigious and very accurate (0.3 degree @ 20 dB SNR). The unambigous FOV is +-60 and +- 45 degrees along the horizonal and vertical scan respectively. The detection range is about 100 m to vehicles (RCS 20 dBsm)

The Lannik one radar system is easy to use where the radar is controlled via an ethernet channel

where also the radar data is streamed through 


2019 Radar Conference Boston
Revolutions in Radar

22 - 26 April 2019


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