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SafeRadar Research provides expertise in radar system design for both military and commercial radar sensors (e.g., X-band AESA fighter radar sensors, and 77/79 GHz automotive radar sensors).

The emphasis of the radar system design is relying on model based system analysis. That is, we are pursuing to find adequate and accurate models of the system where various measurements confirms the accuracy/reliability of the radar system modelling.

The sensor system analysis (and thus the requirement analysis) mainly comprises elaborating/extracting the important (dimensionning) use cases that are stated in the procurement (e.g., bicycle case for 77/79 GHz car radar sensors. Next, using this outcome (e.g., the system requirements) we make antenna analysis & RX-partitioning (DOA estimation performance relying on Cramér Rao analysis), analysis and implementation of candidate signal processing and tracking frameworks (e.g., CFAR, MUSIC, EKF, PHD filters), and finally "real" sensor fusion based on the sensor uncertainties and capabilities.

  • Analysis and development of a novel numerically efficient 3D occupancy grid that is considering target response fluctuations
  • Simulation toolbox in Matlab regarding radar chip and antenna properties.

These models are useful when analyzing the influence of hardware artifacts in a radar system perspective (range and Doppler performance due to PLL non-linearities, ADC quantization noise and Array Antennae mutual coupling).

  • The Current 60 GHz imaging radar project is evaluating novel applications and performance limits for one of the chipset suppliers. .

Saferadar at the SIA Vision conference in Paris; 3D mapping and localization, with DENSO Sweden.

Saferadar and DENSO awarded for Radar Localization paper. And the diploma was really nice. Thank you Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan.


2019 Radar Conference Boston
Revolutions in Radar

22 - 26 April 2019


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