SafeRadar is a research company that is analyzing and developing the complete radar system design chain, i.e., including RF-hardware, firmware, software, and verification within the following applications:

   • Automotive AD/ADAS interior and exterior sensing

   • Hand-gesture recognition

   • Open space monitoring and electronic security fence

   • Medical and military applications

SafeRadar is growing and we are continuously looking for talented radar hardware, signal processing and deep learning engineers.

Please make an application here if you want to work in an agile company with highly competent colleagues. You ought to be interested in learning how to consider the limits of a selected sensor (radar) technology from both a hardware and software perspective. In other words, you really want to understand/analyze the theoretical limits and find an adequate solution/ implementation for a certain use case.

Boost your Knowledge in Sensors, Algorithm design  and Sensor Fusion.

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2019 Radar Conference Boston
Revolutions in Radar

22 - 26 April 2019


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Kungsbacka, 43952 Sweden.

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