Do your sub-system research & analysis

on a system level perspective

The emphasis of the research conducted at SafeRadar is to analyze, and to find adequate and accurate theoretical models (e.g., implemented in Matlab or Python) of the radar system. Clearly, to find such theoretical models we need to compare them with "raw" data and processed outcomes from various radar experiments.


These models are then used to make proper radar system analysis and design, antenna analysis, radar exciter & receiver analysis. Then, employing specific use cases required by the customer we can examine  outcomes of the complete radar system and for different sub-systems. Note that since most of the outcomes are not deterministic it is important that we can examine this in a statistical point of view, e.g., based on Monte Carlo analysis. This can only be made in a model based approach!

Finally, using this we can state proper requirements or performance limits of the radar, e.g., DOA estimation accuracy, Range resolution, Spurious free dynamic range, Improvement factor at Doppler processing, and so on.     



2019 Radar Conference Boston
Revolutions in Radar

22 - 26 April 2019


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