Antenna Analysis

Antenna Analysis

The antenna design shall be made in a

signal processing perspective

The antenna analysis is primarily focusing on the behavior of multi-channel antenna systems in a radar performance perspective.

  • That is, we employ sophisticated models of the antennas where we can examine performance artifacts on system level. For instance,
  • We examine the DOA-estimation performance using different kind of RX-antenna partitionings, e.g., irregular versus evenly distributed sub-apertures. Typically, such analysis is relying on the Cramér Rao Lower Bound using one ore several signal sources.

  • Moreover, in these analysis we also offers opportunities to examine the influence of clutter (or other unwanted signals) due to a degraded sidelobe level of the array antenna (sum farfield pattern). Here, to examine the sidelobe level we can impose different kind of HW artifacts of the antenna arrays, Mutual Coupling, edge diffraction, position & excitation errors, heterogenous element patterns, and so on.   

  • We also offers a complete antenna layout design covering both the RX and TX chains in order to find a balanced radar system design in signal processing perspective
  • That is, to find the antenna system that copes with the selected detection & estimation, and tracking framework and vice verse. Clearly, this is iteratively made considering the system requirements stated or desired, e.g., detection range of a certain target size at a specified scenario comprising EGO and target positions and velocities, and interference level.  


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