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SafeRadar Research provides expertise in radar system design for both military and commercial radar sensors (e.g., X-band AESA fighter radar sensors, and 77/79 GHz automotive radar sensors).

The emphasis of the radar system design is relying on model based system analysis. That is, we are pursuing to find adequate and accurate models of the system where various measurements confirms the accuracy/reliability of the radar system modelling.

Saferadar Research


SafeRadar Research has a wide experience in radar system design, antenna design, and signal processing.

The employees of this company has about 50 years of experience in analyzing and designing both commercial 77 GHz radar system, and military radar systems, e.g., Automotive, Fighter radars, Ground base radars and AEW.

More specifically, SafeRadar Research is providing system analysis using adequate radar models and radar data acquired from experiments. For instance, this analysis covers all about tracking in various target scenarios (e.g., urban, and rural road environment), influence of clutter & interference, detection & estimation performance analysis (e.g., GMTI/STAP analysis of slowly moving targets), and finally required sensor linkbudget and spurious free dynamic range regarding these target scenarios.

  • Radar system design and analysis
  • Detection and estimation analysis
  • Statistical analysis
  • CFAR single channel / multi-channel (STAP/MIMO)
  • Interference suppression/rejection
  • Tracking & Association
  • Sensor Fusion
  • E.g., Decentralized/Distributed Detection and Bayesian filtering framework

Be a part of Saferadar

SafeRadar is growing and we are continuously looking for talented radar hardware, signal processing and deep learning engineers.

SafeRadar is a research company that is analyzing and developing the complete radar system design chain, i.e., including RF-hardware, firmware, software, and verification within the following applications

  • Hand-gesture recognition
  • Open space monitoring and electronic security fences
  • Medical and military applications